Kayo, Better Body Care™ arose from a casual conversation over lunch between health and beauty expert Christie Bullock and Carrington Snyder about the importance of total body wellness. Carrington and Christine were frustrated that they couldn’t find products on the market that they could put on their bodies that reflected the quality and care they put into their bodies. While there were ample options for face care products made with high quality and impactful ingredients, the same simply could not be said for body care products.  

No longer willing to compromise, they decided to create it themselves. They merged their personal knowledge and experience to create Kayo, Better Body Care.  Kayo Better Body Care integrates both conscious and impactful ingredients into each product providing a powerful combination.  These products offer a complete diet for the skin to help replenishing your skin’s natural beauty.

Kayo, Better Body Care is face grade body care TM - meaning it is precious enough for your face but specifically formulated for your body.  Till now, the cost of using face grade products on the body has been cost prohibitive, so that women were left to choose between spending an exorbitant amount on quality for their bodies or compromising on that quality.

Kayo, Better Body Care is the answer to this need.  By offering obtainable luxury to those who want face grade ingredients and formulations for their body, Kayo, Better Body Care addresses aging while maintaining its purity for safe application all over the body’s biggest organ – the skin.  The formulations take to mind the inherent differences between the skin on one’s face and the rest of the body.  They then infuse the finest ingredients into every drop of Kayo, Better Body Care products, combining impactful ingredients with precious plant extracts and oils, creating impactful products free from harmful toxins.

As with skincare products for the face, Kayo is an innovative body care line that delivers results. With every use, skin becomes healthier, radiant and more youthful, ultimately restoring the body’s harmony.

Christine’s and Carrington’s quest to create the perfect skincare line for your body has come to fruition with Kayo, Better Body Care™.

Christine Bullock – Co-Founder, KAYO Better Body Care™

Christine Bullock’s appetite and joy for life is infectious! She believes fitness and nutrition are guides to living life to the fullest and achieving total wellness. Christine is an expert in the fitness and health community. She is a go-to wellness expert and can be seen on NBC, Bravo, E!, VH-1, Star TV, California Life and PopSugar, as well as  a contributor to Oxygen Magazine, Yahoo Health, Style.com, InStyle Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine, Woman’s Day, Men's Health, Glamour.com, Well + Good, Mind Body Green, In Touch Magazine, Life & Style, Fitness RX, The Bump and many more.  Christine is creator of the successful fitness and nutritional programs “Evolution 20,” “Evolution 20 Super Shred” and “Christine Bullock’s Body Reborn Post-Natal Program”. She is a top model for elite brands like P-90x, Lorna Jane Athletics, Carbon 38 and Sports Authority, and stars as the trainer and judge on Asia’s top reality series, “Fit for Fashion.”

Christine brings over two decades of experience in the health and beauty industries. Christine knew she wanted to focus on health and fitness from a very young age, beginning as a ballerina. Through college she pursued jobs in fitness as a yoga instructor and in beauty as a sales representative for Sephora. She was quickly promoted to national trainer, training new employees in cellular science and skin care. Her early career in the beauty industry allowed her opportunities to speak to and learn from skincare leaders such as Dr. Perricone, Dr. Murad and Leslie Blodgett along with hundreds of physicians and thousands of clients around the world.  She continued to train private clients in yoga and dance while she worked with a medical device company called Arasys Perfector, training aestheticians, nurses and physicians globally on the cellular science of micro-current anti-aging techniques. Once moving to Los Angeles, she began working for Coapt Systems and worked with the top plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, coaching them in surgery on the use of the endotine, a facial lifting device.

Christine then taught fitness full time, adding to her knowledge of health with certifications in yoga, Pilates, barre, personal training, nutrition, and pre-and post-natal. As her personal brand grew, so did her understanding and search for a cohesive preventative, healthy lifestyle to share with others. Her longstanding view of health from the inside out was soon eclipsed by the importance of health from the outside in, including the science of beauty, skin care and anti-aging techniques. Over more than a decade working with thousands of clients in skin care, in nutrition and in fitness, Christine learned what nutrients, ingredients, and products consistently worked to improve and prevent the aging process. However, she couldn’t find one available for the body that met all of the anti-aging requirements and therefore created Kayo, Better Body Care along with her partner and beauty expert Carrington Snyder.

Carrington Snyder – Co-Founder, KAYO Better Body Care™

Born and raised in Malibu, California, Carrington has been immersed in the beauty industry since before she could walk.  Carrington’s mother, Sari -  a pioneer in the field - is the founder and developer of one of the first skin care “doctor lines,” Ayur Medic, and owns and operates multiple other skin care lines to this day. A leading factor in this family business has been a commitment to delivering the highest quality, safest and healthiest products for the skin while also delivering visible results. 

As the family business continued to grow and expand, Carrington’s mother realized that no matter how groundbreaking her formulas were, she had no way of ensuring that the great ingredients she picked were actually being used in her products in the amounts specified. That is when the family business extended into cosmetic product manufacturing, giving birth to Carrington’s brother’s cosmetic lab.  This lab has grown to not only formulate and manufacture her family’s products but also create some of the world’s most elite and recognizable names in the cosmetic industry.

Taking a slightly different path while still maintaining her family’s commitment to health and safety in the cosmetics industry, Carrington went to law school and ultimately work her way up to become the managing attorney for a law firm nationally known for its work in protecting consumers from toxic exposure. Carrington’s lifelong influence and focus has revolved around understanding, developing and delivering safe products to the public.

Carrington’s deep understating of the cosmetic industry, combined with her knowledge of the effects of toxic exposure to the body, drove her to develop Kayo, Better Body Care™ along with her partner, renowned fitness and lifestyle expert, Christine Bullock. 

All of Kayo, Better Body Care’s products are developed and manufactured in Carrington's families Labs, allowing for her to follow in her mother’s footsteps ensuring the quality control and integrity of all Kayo, Better Body Care products.