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If you follow Kayo, you know that my business partner and co-creator of Kayo Better Body Care is the beautiful and perpetually fit Christine Bullock. So when I was informed that I was going to be on the Bravo TV show Below Deck Mediterranean next to Christine…in a bikini….on national TV….I knew I had some work to do.

To make things worse I started my bikini shopping and was informed that the “Brazilian” bikini bottom was all the rage (think the bikini thongs of the 1980’s mixed with the low rise of the 1990’s, a.k.a. almost zero coverage). Fortunately I was given about one months’ notice – just the amount of time to get the full benefits of a heathy diet, Evolution 20 workouts, and Kayo’s Concentrated Slimming Serum. I immediately called Christine and demanded her best tips, here they are:

  1. Start each morning with a cup of hot water and lemon to cleanse, when overloaded with toxicity can hold on to weight and accentuate cellulite. You can add a bit of pure honey and cinnamon for taste and metabolic boost. 
  2. Cut all dairy, gluten, processed foods, and processed sugars out on the weekdays. Try and cut them on the weekends too, but if this is torture you can add in sparingly. There are plenty of foods you can indulge with eating a plant-based diet.
  3. Baby got back - or get some back quick building and lifting the muscles of the glutes. Run the stairs, perform squat jumps, lunges from all directions and leg lifts on all 4’s. *Add a band or weights to ankles during leg lifts for an added booty boost.
  4. Apply Kayo Concentrated Slimming Serum pre workout for extra stimulation of lymphatics, for added figure contour and reduction in the appearance of cellulite.
  5. Muscles are built after the workouts. Make sure to rest and support growth with amino acids. I add a scoop of amino rich bee pollen to a morning or evening smoothie.
  6. Apply Cellular Repair Evening Oil before bed to build firm, youthful, radiant skin all over your body to accent your gorgeous figure!


  • Posted On November 18, 2016 by GreenwichClad.com

    Cut all dairy, gluten, processed foods, and processed sugars out on the weekdays. (Definitely the hardest) but you will see the largest results


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